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Effective Strategies to Elevate Your Corporate Brand Presence on LinkedIn

When it comes to corporate communications, LinkedIn is an absolute essential. While TikTok continues to surge in popularity, capturing the interest of Gen Z, LinkedIn quietly follows suit as a dark horse, boasting 1.4 billion users worldwide with increasing engagement.

This platform serves as a potent networking tool, amplifying brand awareness and offering vast opportunities to connect with a diverse audience, whether they be peers, suppliers, collaborators, or prospective employees. It's an opportunity you definitely shouldn't overlook.

However, amid the noise, how can you cultivate the perfect LinkedIn presence? Here are our top recommendations:

Stay True to Your Core Message: On every social platform, staying current is crucial. LinkedIn features a News section showcasing daily trending topics to inform your posts. However, to maximize your brand's impact on the platform, ensure that your core message remains prominent amidst the trending topics. Achieve this by consistently using a concise set of hashtags and keywords.

Find the Right Posting Frequency: Unlike platforms like TikTok or Instagram, LinkedIn posts tend to be more extensive. As a general guideline, aim for two to three posts per week to keep your audience engaged without overwhelming them.

Establish Thought Leadership: When building a corporate profile, bring your people to the forefront. Posts featuring quotes, photos, and videos from thought leaders within your organization tend to perform exceptionally well. Use the article function to share in-depth expertise and insights.

Share and Engage: Sharing other users' posts and adding comments can help you forge valuable connections and engagements with like-minded brands, charitable organizations, and corporate partners. Encourage and incentivize your employees to like, comment, and share your posts to boost engagement further.

Leverage Visual Assets: Research shows that articles with images receive 97% more views. Therefore, it's imperative to include photos, videos, or infographics in your posts. If you incorporate videos, aim to keep them under 90 seconds to maintain your audience's attention.

Stay Informed with LinkedIn's Resources: Subscribe to LinkedIn's newsletters and blogs to stay ahead in the game. LinkedIn provides an extensive array of newsletters and blogs, offering insights into industry trends and new features that can benefit your clients.

In summary, LinkedIn opens numerous doors and need not be mundane. Follow these tips and start posting!

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